Diamond Wiresaw Machine

Diamond Wiresaw Machine

Machıne is fully automatic.

Tension on the diamond wire is controlled by means of smart inverter.

The Machine stops backward movement automatically when tension reaches the maximum force.

Therefore prevents steel rope breakage under normal conditions.

Machine also stops backward movement at the end of the rail. 

So the machine do not fall out of rails.


1 - Positioning Angle 360 degree

2 - Main Wheel Adjust 40 cm left and right mobility

3 - Main Electric Motor 55 kw 50 hz 1000 rpm / min.

4 - Backward&Forward Movement Speed control drive with gears on the rail

5 - Main Wheel Positioning By electric motor and gearbox combination

6 - Main Wheel Left-Right Movement Electric motor and gearbox combination

7 - Cuttin Speed

18-20 sqm/h Muğla White 12-16 sqm/hTravertine 10-12 sqm/h Beige 8 - Length of Diamond Wire 100 – 130 m

9 - Wheel Diameter 800 mm

10 - Rail Length 3mt 2pcs

11 - Backward Movement By toothed gears on rail


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